A Handbook of Life

(short stories and drama)

Idén augusztusban jelent meg Péterfy Orsolya A Handbook of Life című kötete, mely elbeszéléseket és abszurd drámákat tartalmaz. Az alábbiakban szemezgetünk ezen írásokból.

An empty box of love

He was just two and a half and open for love all around. He was innocent and believed in the good heart of the ones who he met. Thus, when after two years he met his grandfather, living in the same city but never coming around, he just did not know what to do. He played in the garden of grandpa, trying to pick the turtle out of the basine, taking the track and so on, when he got a bicycle. This was the first bicycle in his life, given by grandpa. He loved it, kept going in circles with it for hours, and finally stopped at some stairs. There he found some magic boxes, empty as the heart. He took a box and started to play with it. There was a fuss about why he took that box as it was used for other purposes. This box was taken by him as a present, this is all that he got in his life: an empty box from grandpa. The bicycle did not count in this respect anymore.

Gimmicky versus true heart

And so we read philosophers. And so we think we know much, we are superior to others as we understand Vonnegut. As a matter of fact we are fake, being ready for sex all the time with anyone who wants to make us happy for three minutes. And we forget philosophy, we forget to use our mind, we forget to keep emotions in the first place, we are just animals of Nietzsche. Even so we lie, we lie emotions to keep the idol, and to provide the right image to the world about us. We are fake, so much fake and nothing is real, nothing is stable, nothing is true, just we never stop, as we never think about it that we should change our attitude. We don’t stop to work on ourselves to raise our mind and soul to a higher level. We constantly dance at the edge of the cliff whereas we believe we are birds who will not fall, who will not sense pain. And pain then comes when a true heart questions us: Where did you leave your identity and soul?


There are waves in life when something changes. Unnoticed you go through it and you feel free again. You just realise how many burdens you used to have, how many false people you let in your life, through your heart, they were just walking over you, and having delight in using your sincerity, making use of your thoughts and feelings. Waves come and go, like the ebb and flow, you get closer to the moon. The moon reflects upon your ideas, triggers new dreams, makes you complete. The waves touch you as the shore, and leave you untouchable by the same rotten souls again.

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